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Deep Hunt

Weekly Roundup - Science, Technology

Weekly newsletter on the hottest things in Artificial Intelligence


Weekly Roundup - Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Exclusive content, subscriber-only freebies, beta testing opportunities, hilarious gifs, and more.

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The Analytics Dispatch

Weekly Roundup - Business, Technology

The Analytics Dispatch is a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest data-related articles, podcasts, and stories found by the team at Mode Analytics.

Crypto Brief

Weekly Roundup - Business, Technology

A weekly curation of the top Bitcoin & Blockchain news and articles sent every Monday morning.

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Deliver Weekly

Weekly Roundup - Development

News, links and resources for developers who deliver fast - cloud APIs, developer tools, product design.

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Apple Weekly

Weekly Roundup - Technology

Apple Weekly is a human-curated newsletter about the week's top Apple news, reviews and rumors sent each Saturday.

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Weekly Single Topic - Business, Music, Technology

Weekly insights about the future of music, media & tech. Featuring an essay and a careful curation of must-reads. Sent out at 4pm CET, 11am EST.

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Programming Path

Twice A Month Roundup - Technology

Modern collection of software development content that challenges and inspires

Hey Seymour

Weekly Roundup - Arts, Culture, General, News, Psychology

The best of the web each week, with a focus on culture, tech and arts/entertainment.

Swipe File

Weekly Roundup - Business, Marketing, Productivity, Startups

Swipe File is a newsletter for people who want more from their work. It's an exploration of this awkward time between college and retirement. So far, 7,000 people dig it, including folks from Google, Apple, Spotify, New York Times, Marriott and Harvard.